Embedded Hardware Engineer

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Language: English
: On-site (Ghent)
Occupancy: Full-Time
Contract type: Employee

EDGX is a Belgian space tech company transforming the space industry with intelligent, adaptive and efficient spacecraft. We envision a world where satellites respond in real-time to natural disasters and provide lighting-fast global connectivity thanks to onboard artificial intelligence. At EDGX, a bio-inspired approach to data processing is vital for shaping that new generation of satellites. Hence, we pioneer the adoption of neuromorphic technology in our Data Processing Unit (DPU). Yet, what truly makes EDGX a pioneer in the space industry is the team of passionate, like-minded engineers behind it. Many industry partners, such as Imec.istart, ESA, and even the European Commission have continuously backed our team throughout their space journey. However, now we must expand that passionate team to realise our dream of launching a neuromorphic computer into orbit.

We seek a motivated Embedded Hardware Engineer to join our embedded hardware team and help design future iterations of our Digital Processing Unit (DPU).

Core Values

Do the following values resonate with you?

Pioneering Expertise

We are relentlessly driven to establish ourselves as experts in an uncharted domain. Taking on a steep learning curve is not a challenge but an opportunity for growth. As a team, we strive to unlock the potential of neuromorphic computing in space, a learning path nobody has walked before. To achieve that goal, we need to constantly push the boundaries of our own knowledge.

Structured Focus

Our ambitious goal of transforming the space industry with neuromorphic computing requires a collective focus. While the impact of our efforts may be years away, we are united in our fixation to reach it as soon as possible. Whether it's about making long-term strategic decisions or creating structure where there is none, our shared focus guides us towards our vision.

Group Passion

At our core, we are a group of people sharing a passion: space exploration. But we don't stop there. We encourage each individual to explore further and share their passions with the group. Sharing personal interests fuels our growth and our ideas. It makes us more than just a company but a community of passionate individuals.


As an Embedded Hardware Engineer at EDGX, you can take responsibility for and work on the following subjects:

  • Designing new iterations of the complex PCB of our DPU in Altium.
  • Follow industry guidelines on robust and reliable PCB design for the harsh space environment.
  • Adopt a Design for X (DfX) approach to your PCB design: Manufacturing, Testing and Reliability.
  • Supervise the supply chain, manufacturing, and assembly of the PCBs.
  • Design and execute functional and environmental test campaigns as part of the Product Assurance (PA) plan.
  • Manage and maintain the equipment in the electronics lab, both electrical and environmental test equipment.


Do you meet the following criteria?

  • Master's degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering or related field.
  • Prior experience in PCB design using Altium Designer or a similar tool.
  • Ability to work autonomously and self-manage without constant supervision.
  • Ability to follow up technical work with proper reporting and documentation.
  • Beneficial: Job experience in hardware design for space applications


What do we have to offer to you?

  • A vibrant, young-minded, healthy work environment with a passionate team to grow with you.
  • An environment that supports continuous learning and encourages you to grow into an expert in your field.
  • An opportunity to build a network with (inter)national partners in the space industry:
    such as IMEC, ESA, European Commission, ArianeGroup, and many others.
  • The experience of a space start-up and the prospect of growing into any role as an early employee.
  • A competitive wage with extra-legal benefits and the possibility of a company car.

Joining EDGX as an Embedded Hardware Engineer offers a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge space technology and contribute to advancing onboard AI for satellites. If you are passionate about space, electronics, software, artificial intelligence and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we encourage you to apply and be part of our exciting journey.

Mail your CV to career@edgx.space to apply.