Who are we?

Meet the Team
Behind EDGX

Meet our small but passionate team, combining our expertise to explore new horizons in space, one innovative step at a time.

Nick Destrycker

Co-Founder & CEO

Wouter Benoot

Co-Founder & CTO

Arne De Brabanter

Embedded Systems Engineer

Maxim De Clercq

Embedded Software Engineer

Niel Rogiers

Thermal Mechnical Engineer

Sebbe Van Der Smissen

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

& Reflections

"Driving a startup like EDGX, where we're pioneering completely new technology for space and create a business out of it, is what fuels my passion. There's something incredibly exciting about creating something from nothing with a team. Every day it’s about pushing the boundaries and overcoming challenges, not just in space and engineering, but in innovation and business in general. This journey, from concept to orbit and beyond, is what gets me up in the morning. Every day i get my energy from giving the team and the company  everything it needs to grow with the goal of bringing our visions to life."

Nick Destrycker

Co-founder of EDGX

"Since graduation, my ultimate goal has been to create something that goes into orbit. Initially, that seemed like a daunting task. But then came EDGX, a team of like-minded engineers who share those aspirations. With them, I'm confident we can reach new heights, and the unknown no longer seems so daunting."

Wouter Benoot

Co-founder of EDGX

"I gather my energy from the thrill of solving truly unique engineering challenges. At EDGX, we are constantly at the forefront of active research fields, such as neuromorphic computing in space. Our insights can grow daily, so I get to return to the drawing board and tackle the problem from a different angle. It gives a certain sense of freedom and excitement to design something that hasn't been created before."

João Matias

Embedded Systems at EDGX


Pioneering Expertise

We are relentlessly driven to establish ourselves as experts in an uncharted domain. Taking on a steep learning curve is not a challenge but an opportunity for growth. As a team, we strive to unlock the potential of neuromorphic computing in space, a learning path nobody has walked before. To achieve that goal, we need to constantly push the boundaries of our own knowledge.

Structured Focus

Our ambitious goal of transforming the space industry with neuromorphic computing requires a collective focus. While the impact of our efforts may be years away, we are united in our fixation to reach it as soon as possible. Whether it's about making long-term strategic decisions or creating structure where there is none, our shared focus guides us towards our vision.

Group Passion

At our core, we are a group of people sharing a passion: space exploration. But we don't stop there. We encourage each individual to explore further and share their passions with the group. Sharing personal interests fuels our growth and our ideas. It makes us more than just a company but a community of passionate individuals.

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