Our vision and mission

We envision a future where intelligent space systems bring huge economical and societal benefits to humanity. Our mission is to transform the space industry by making spacecrafts much more intelligent than ever before.

Pioneering space AI computing

Experience the future of AI in space with the compact and powerful EDGX-1. This innovative data processing unit is a modular combination of multiple processing technologies including cutting-edge neuromorphic processing delivering low power, high performance AI solutions. Its adaptability, low latency, and onboard learning capabilities make it a valuable asset for handling the dynamic and challenging environments of space, while its energy efficiency ensures sustainable long-term operation. The design is suitable for a wide range of different mission profiles making it a promising choice for next generation satelite platforms.

    Inspired by the human brain, neuromorphic computing enables the system to process information in a more energy-efficient and adaptive manner, making it perfect for the dynamic and complex environment of space.

    With in-orbit retraining and continual online learning capabilities, the EDGX-1 can autonomously and continuously improve the onboard AI models and decision-making abilities during the course of a mission.

    Responding to critical data inputs and events in real-time, ensuring that the payload can make rapid decisions and adapt quickly to changing circumstances as needed.

    The heterogeneous PCB stack provides flexibility and scalability for various space missions. The modularity enables efficient algorithm/hardware combinations for different mission profiles and usecases.

    Swift data processing and transmission for instant decision-making and efficient communication, critical for timely responses and mission success.

    The EDGX-1's power-efficient hardware and multiple power dissipation profiles allows it to operate within strict power constraints while maintaining high-performance computing, extending mission duration and conserving energy.

Our applications

Satellite Communication

Enabling cognitive radio functions, including precise channel estimation, interference detection, adaptive beamforming and efficient radio resource management. Significantly boosting datalink throughput and fortifying the efficiency and security of advanced 5G/6G satcom.

Earth Observation

Empowering immediate object detection and recognition technology for swift responses to natural disasters like wildfires, floods, and earthquakes. Streamlining data transmission to cut costs and delivering real-time, intelligent insights to customers for direct exploitation.

In-orbit servicing

Accelerating rapid data processing capabilities for real-time object manipulation unlocking a multitude of in-orbit servicing use cases entailing spacecraft docking, space debris mitigation strategies, in-orbit manufacturing techniques, comprehensive satellite repair and maintenance missions.

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